Monday, May 18, 2009

River Rock on Shower Floor

John is almost done with our tile! :) YIPPEE!!
John showing me how to mix my thinset (mortar)


I couldn't’t have done this without John, he was a good teacher! He taught me how to mix my thinset and grout. I’m sure his ears hurt because I was asking him questions the whole time I was laying the rock down.

I used the river rock on the mesh, BUT now that I look back I would have rather used just river rock. I ended up pulling most of them off and laying them free handed. If you guys want to try this at home, email me and I will send you the instructions. It’s easy, but make sure you have 2 days at home to dedicate to this project. It ended up being a VERY tiresome job!

Thinset and rock down! Now it must dry at least 15 hours before grouting
Grouts DOWN!
This picture was from this morning, the grout is drying. It's STILL not finished. I must go in and clean the edges up and polish the rocks. You can see some spots are darker than others, the finished product will be the light colored grout. When it's all complete and polished up, I will post the final picture. It looks so much better in person.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!


sil said...

wow ryan! i think your shower looks awesome!! i think that diy project yielded great results. good job!

Allie said...

It looks great, but that goes without saying...cause all your stuff looks great. But how bout what a darling skinny miny you look in that picture. I mean, really girl you look GOOD! But I did hear that you got pretty STINKY. Jon called and told me how bad it got.

lesli said...

john looks so happy to be there! i bet he's NEVER had a boss treat him as good as you have=) i bet he loves all the grilled goodies you cook up=)

the shower looks so cool! & i'm with allie... you look FABU in that picture. your arms and legs are SKINNY mama! you have a darling messy look. my mess look is more train wreck style.

Ryan Kay said...

You girls just made my day :) Thank you for being so so sweet! :)

My name is Megan... said...

HOW awesome!!!!! It looks great!

Julieo tripager said...

Wow this looks great! I am about to do this and am using those same rocks. I would love some tips or instructions if you still have them. Also what color grout did you use? It came out awesome.