Friday, May 15, 2009


The tile looks even better than expected. This picture is last nights work. John said by the time I get home from work the whole living room will be complete. YEAH!! John will be at our house working day and night all weekend, I know poor thing. I hate it, I wish he could go home to his family but the job must get done.

Tile this morning

While he has been there the past 2 nights I have had grout on my mind, so I started mosaicing more light switch plates. I grouted them this morning and they look great. Also, John will be teaching me how to lay tile, so this weekend I’m using tumbled river rock and resurfacing our shower floor…don’t worry I will take pictures, I’m so excited about this and after learning this I can move on to bigger and better things like my back splash for my kitchen.

I must head out NOW to go to the dentist then I will be off to Lowes to buy some supplies for my weekend project. HAPPY FRIDAY!

Mosaiced light switch plates (drying)

I collect old costume jewelry for the mosaic is some below

My work space


sil said...

looks good so far ryan! that's awesome that john is willing to teach you how to lay some tile down so you can diy your shower and backsplash. looking forward to the final results!

Allie said...

I see a Carol's by Candle bag! Looks great, can't wait to see it finished. You inspired me to do projects too. I'm going to make my back patio "cute" this weekend!

Anonymous said... make me tired just reading your blog. How do you do it? You have more energy. I'm anxious, like everyone else to see your finished projects.