Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Outdoor Lighting

I want to do some more outdoor lighting for the backyard. It's amazing what light can do :) Lowes has some fun projects on their website. Anyone have any good ideas??

I found this really cool project and posted the steps below. This would be an inexpensive way to bring light to your patio.
DIY Flaming Bowl

  • 31 minute project

    You'll need:

    Sakrete Quickset Concrete
    a bunch of rocks (perhaps dug up from your yard)
    a plastic bowl
    a large canned good
    chafing dish gel fuel pack
    PAM cooking spray
    plastic tub for mixing concrete
    stick to stir concrete

    You are going to create one of these
    (which, FYI, Restoration Hardware doesn't sale anymore,
    hence why we are making our own)

    For the readers:
    1. Measure out your concrete. I just filled my plastic bowl/mold with dry mix.
    2. Dump mix in plastic mixing bin.

    3. Add water; stir with stick.
    Start with a puddle in the middle of dry mix. Not too soupy, not too chunky
    3b. Spray PAM all over your mold and canned good.

    4. Pour concrete into mold.
    4b. I poured halfway, then placed my large canned good in the center and continued filling around the can.
    4c. After about 6 minutes, I rotated my can, wiggled side to side and popped it out.
    PAM is awesome.

    5. At the 17 minute mark, Cover top of mold with stack of newspaper.
    Flip it over carefully; concrete form will slip right out.
    Because...well, PAM is awesome.

    6. and 7. Carefully and pleasingly place loose rocks along rim of concrete form.
    8. and 9. Drop fire gel pack in center hole; light with long match and enjoy.

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Allison Shallenberger said...

“It's amazing what light can do.” - I certainly agree! Lights and lighting fixture can do a lot to make a space attractive and sparkling! And I think it is a good idea to add some much needed shine on a place, especially at night. The first photo definitely captures my attention. It looks romantic and intimate, and I think the lights play a major role in beautifying this outdoor space.