Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Mom and I went to Miami 2 weeks ago. We had a great time :) I love the food in Miami, I truly think it's comparable to New York City...and the latin food is the best of the best.

We stayed at The Lords, an art deco boutique hotel. It had a wonderful location and the staff was very sweet. We didn't know, but The Lords is actually a gay boutique hotel, but everyone is welcome. They made us feel very comfortable and we would defiantly go back.

Fell in love with this chandelier

Tudor House on Urbanspoon

First night we ate at The Tudor House. It was a beautiful night so we ate outside.

I chose crispy skin salmon (not so great pic of me but just look at the food :) )

The salmon rested on a bed of sweet corn, escarole, and Jamon Iberico. Jamon Iberico is a cured ham that's made in Spain. The pig has a black hoof if I can remember. Of course it melts in your mouth.

Mom and I shared this chilled Portuguese was my favorite. They used a beautiful floral olive oil to drizzle over the top. Very simple but delish.

Mom wanted this crispy calamari with fried almonds. Good but you can get fried calamari anywhere.
Joe's Stone Crab

Joe's Stone Crab on Urbanspoon

For lunch we ate at Joes Stone Crab....5 STARS ALL THE WAY! Freshest crab claws in Miami. Here is a secret. If you go into the take out section the prices are half as the fine dining and it's the same food. These stone crab claws melt in your mouth! The best $20 I've ever spent on food. Don't forget to order some fried green tomatoes with your claws! Ask for extra dipping sauce.

The Restaurant at The Setai

The Restaurant at the Setai on Urbanspoon

Beautiful restaurant, very expensive. Food was great but I think it was a little overpriced. We enjoyed everything but I would have enjoyed authentic cuban across the street for a fraction of the cost.

All the pictures didn't turn out...but here are the two that did.

Grapefruit crab salad. Very fresh and tasty.

Tandoor roasted seabass with arugula

We also tried wok fried noodles with prawns, ginger, and garlic. Great but not the best.

SushiSamba, Lincoln Road Mall

SUSHISAMBA dromo on Urbanspoon
Japanese, Brazillian, and Peruvian in ONE DISH! I loved this placed!! Great balance of flavors and fresh ingredients.

Here is what we shared :)

Samba dromo Rollmaine lobster, mango, tomato, chive, crispy rice, soy paper, peanut curry

A sushi roll with mango and lobster. We loved this!!

Chicarron de Calamar cornmeal crusted calamari, tomato, mint, plaintain, tamarind

and I saved my favorite for last :)

Yellowtail ceviche with jalapeno and lemongrass....I wish I could make this at home.

The Marlin was next door to our Hotel. I loved this photo...

Mom with her thai chili martini :)

The best cubano coffee on the face of the earth.

We went on one excursion...a 3 hour boat ride that showed you miami from the water. WELL WORTH THE MONEY! Here is the link and the guide was great.

Art deco doors...I love ART DECO
I have so many more pictures but I'm short on time.


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