Thursday, July 28, 2011

Homegoods FIND

Here is my new console table made of SOLID wood that I found at Homegoods for a BARGAIN

I love the cut out legs and how the bottom is filled in with wood. Can't you just see tons of pumpkin men hanging out down there??? Or elves??

I've had this cheap ass target sofa table in the hallway ever since we moved in 2007. It just never looked right and you could tell it was cheap..this picture makes it look nice, don't let it fool you.
NOT only is it a console table! It also has 3 stools that hang out underneath! I can use it for extra seating for Thanksgiving or a dinner party...

OR the stools could be 3 beautiful end tables!!! For example, pumpkin man could hang out on them like below.

I also want to try something new on the table, I've had the horse and same flower/peacock feather arrangement 4 years do you like the antique decanters??? I think I'll start collecting them. How cool would it be to have vintage decanters all over the table?? If you see any out let me know.

Here are the only two decanters I have that I'm using now.


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Allie said...

What a great find. I also love the decanturs. Good job. SO excited about PM.