Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Memorial Day Weekend

Thursday my friend Lenee dropped her black lab Reno off so she could attend a wedding in Napa Valley, NO I'm not jealous one bit :) Reno is a happy boy, he wants to be close to someone at ALL times :) He leaves tomorrow so his doggy vacation will end soon. Velvet will have to find a new boyfriend. Harley will have to find a new crush. Bear and Roxy will be glad to have the "new" dog gone. Bear isn't happy and thinks Reno is staying forever...he's such a jealous dog.

Saturday morning I got up early and painted some stuff...our door was weathered and turning a moldy white so I painted it to match the pool. Here is the before picture below. I also found these two white rusty chairs at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago for $5 each! With the paint it ended up being a $15 project!

I forgot to take pictures of the white rusty chairs before I started so here is the best one I could get.

INSPIRATION: Anthroplogie $248 chair!

Click here for inspiration pictures...
These chairs are $248 a piece, I think mine turned out just as good!
AFTER with the new door

Saturday night Jim and I wanted to try something new so we went to the Dolphin Resort and tried Kimonos, a sushi Japanese restaurant that supposedly has the freshest fish in town. After trying the sushi rolls and some tuna and grouper I believe them. DELISH!


I've never eaten a shrimp head until Paris, now I'm a fan. They have to clean them right or you'll never want to try one again. Ask them to make sure the shell is removed and all the sharp shell bones are gone before you try :) It has the consistency of popcorn but the flavor of shrimp...such a delish treat. This below is a tuna roll with tempura shrimp head.

The Dolphin Resort is in walking distance to Disney's Boardwalk so we headed to Beaches and Creme for dessert. If you live in Orlando this is a MUST! The first time you go you have to order the "Everything including the Kitchen Sink" they really serve it in a metal sink :) If you go make sure you have an appetite. We didn't order the sink, Jim got the Milky Way Sundae :)

P.S. This place has wonderful hamburgers!

Sunday Jim's golfing bud invited us for a crab bake. It was DELISH!

Blue crab is one of my favs!
Yesterday we went to moms for burgers. It was nice and relaxing.

This next week will be busy. Jim leaves for Venice, LA for the Cajun Canyon fishing tournament. I'll be here busy with all the duties. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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