Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I had a great weekend while Jim was gone in Louisiana for his fishing tournament. Friday I went to my favorite nursery and picked out two new pots for the front door. I've had these faded cheap clay pots for the past 4 years and it was time to get some nice ones. I chose dark brown/black pots because I'm painting my red door glossy black VERY SOON!

Here they are! In the fall I'll have miniature oranges on these tiny citrus trees.

Sunday at 5 AM I received a text from Jason...for some reason I didn't believe him when he told me she was giving birth but around 6 AM I got my first picture of Mr. W. H. D. I can't tell you how excited I am for Jaclyn and Jason. I'm extremely happy for them and I cant wait to hold W in my arms. He's precious and each day the boy gets more handsome. I can't tell you how emotional I got when I saw his picture for the first time...I think of Jac and Jason as family and It was a surreal moment for me. Heres the little guy below!

Sunday mom and I went shopping and I found my mirrored table I've been searching for at Homegoods...this same table I've seen for triple the price on the Neiman Marcus website. I'm so happy I found it! (I actually had given up on finding a mirrored table and was going to make my own.)
Jim didn't get home until 11:oo PM on Sunday night. He surprised me with my favorite shrimp, RUBY REDS and fresh wahoo and mahi. I made ceviche and had to share the recipe...it's the best I've made and SUPER EASY! Recipe is below.

Ry's Ceviche Recipe


Goya seasoning to taste (I used a lot)
6 limes
4 lemons
1 minced garlic clove
dash of vinegar
dash of sugar
1 seeded hot pepper (If you don't like the heat leave it out)
1 pound of halibut, mahi, wahoo, snapper or shrimp (I used wahoo and shrimp)
3 tomatoes (I seeded them and chopped them fine)
1 purple onion chopped fine
cilantro (I got a handful and chopped it fine also)
salt and pepper to taste (I didn't use salt bc I used the GOYA)
AND if you want to make it fancy dice up some avocado right before you serve...it goes perfect with the citrus juice.


Dice the fish into cubes

pour the cirtus juice and the rest of the ingredients into a bowl and marinate for more than 3 hours...stir often.

Right before you serve dice some avocado if you have it on hand

On your first bite you'll think your on the beach in Mexico. ENJOY!


Sara said...

What a gorgeous baby! And the ceviche sounds great - I love ceviche but I've never tried making it myself. Think I might just have to now!

Argumentative essay said...

You inspire me on a regular basis.. Thumbs up and Thanks your baby is very beautiful...