Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 3 & 4

Day 3

We went into downtown and tried Cuzzins, a local home cooked meal. It was TRUE island food. For the appetizer we got conch fritters. Their dipping sauce was homemade and very tasty.

For my meal I chose curried shrimp, It wasn't my favorite but Jim's jerk chicken was delish!

That night we went swimming, made homemade pina colodas and grilled out hamburgers.

Day 4

We took our rental car over in a barge to St. John. This place is BEAUTIFUL! Our first stop was the Waterfront Bistro, it was VERY good. We had calamari for our appetizer.

I had the fresh catch sandwich (EXCELLENT!) and Jim had fish tacos with lime slaw.

Video from Waterfront Bistro...

We walked around town...all the mama chickens had babies!! Chics were all over the sweet :)
Afterwards we wanted to see the island, we made 3 stops. First was Hawksnest Beach..this is where my camera died :( The last stop was Cinnamon Bay, the most BEAUTIFUL beach I've ever seen. I hate my camera died but we will defiantly be going back

Video of Hawksnest


Allie said...

The first time I went to St. Thomas I asked the waitor what was in conch fritters and he looked and me with a blank stare and said, CONCH! Gotcha.

Jaclyn said...

I love how Jim passes the video off and immediately goes back to the crackberry!

Kitchen Belleicious said...

OMG! The conch fritters are the best are they not! I love them to pieces! Looks like a great time and you are so sweet and beautiful girl! Thanks for visiting today and I am now a proud follower. Make sure to come back by and enter the fab brooklyn thread giveaway! yeah!