Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 2 & 3

Day 2

We experienced our first storm yesterday morning, the winds are WILD! I'm sorry for the sound, I didn't know it would be that bad....but I wanted to show you my hair, look how strong the winds are down here. I'm guessing that's why no one has AC. (I'm still having separation aniexty)

Bungalow windy

After the storm we went to Meagan's Beach, which may be the most BEAUTIFUL beach I have EVER been to. I'm sure you will see more pictures of it coming soon. I'm taking my nice camera down there either today or tomorrow. Here is a picture from my Iphone of the beach.

We went to Cost U Less and got the basics for our kitchen. We bought a fan which is the best money I have ever spent! I don't think I could sleep without it. Cost U Less is like a COSTCO but island style. You really learn quickly to appreciate things at home.

We grilled out again.

Day 3

We went back to Megan's beach, we learned that if you drive your car to the very end your away from the crowds. It was even more beautiful than before. Jim and I tried our first "PainKiller" a famous drink of the islands. Coconut cream, nutmeg, rum, and orange juice. It was good but I'm not a sweet person. Jim loved it WAY to much.

After the beach we went and played 18 holes of golf on Mahogany Run, the only golf course on the island. It was BEAUTIFUL! but I was so hot and bugs love me so much it was hard for me to enjoy. Next time I will bring BUG SPRAY.

They have REPTILES the size of your dog down here! I thought they were only on the golf course but this morning I was greeted by one at the villa. I don't think their dangerous, I will google them now and see.

Last night we tried Old Stone was DELISH!

For our salad we had Caprese with fresh island tomatoes...we ordered scallops with radish puree but they forgot to order it, I was so sad :(

I chose grouper for my main, which rested on white beans, button mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, arugula, and snap peas. It was AS GOOD as this picture!! I hope to be getting it again before we leave.

Jim had lamb chops with a roasted red pepper mint was tasty.

Jim likes his sweets, we had key lime brulee' and chocolate mouse cake with sugar crusted bananas.

I was so tired from the sun we were in bed by 9.


Allie said...

Yall both look great with that "sun kissed" glow. Jimbo is a skinny looking turd. Food looks amazing and you know I reserve that word for just a few!

Montana Lion said...

That water looks absolutely amazing!Have fun!

Angie said...

Looks like a wonderful dream trip.