Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 5 6 7

My days are running together. We went to Cost U Less and got another snorkel so Jim and I could snorkel together. We started out at Meagan's Bay, it's amazing how colorful the coral reefs are down here. They have SO MANY fish to look at. Luckily I have an underwater camera and have been able to capture some cool pictures. On DAY 5 we ate at local spot, it was actually a HOLE in the wall off a cliff. It was very authentic and cheap. The coolest thing was grand ma was cooking and you could see her through the screen door. I got chicken and it fell off the bone, Jim's pork was excellent as well. This was one of my most favorite meals :0)

MEET CASSI...I LOVE THIS DOG and it's going to be hard to say good bye. She's made our stay at the villa even more memorable. Bear don't be jealous please.

We went snorkeling with Scooter and Nick (Jim's fishing buds) on Sunday. We went for lobster and didn't find a one :( Which happens to be ok because last night I found out that lobsters have the same partner for LIFE! I would hate to take a lobster husband away from his wife.

Here is a video of where we went lobstering. I was kinda scared to get in the water at first because there was no beach to swim up to, but after warming up it was WELL worth it. Now I'm addicted to snorkeling and can't wait to go back.

Here is Scooter with a JELLY FISH :)

After snorkeling we headed to Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands. It was a neat experience, this place reminded me of Gilligan's Island. I tried a passion fruit cocktail, which was delish. The boys had painkillers, the islands famous drink created by the bar, Soggy Dollars. It's named SOGGY DOLLAR because you have to swim from your boat onto the island and everyone has to pay with wet dollars. We will DEF be going back here VERY SOON with Jac and Jason!

Yesterday we worked all day. We've been cooking a lot from our villa. Jaclyn and Jason come in 4 moons! :) :) :) :) :)

P.S. Jennifer is being induced this evening. Everyone say a little prayer, I can't wait to see her baby girl :)

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