Monday, March 1, 2010

All Last Week

WARNING: Iphone pictures

I had a busy week. Last Tuesday mom had Amy and baby Josh fly in from Minnesota. Josh is 1 ½ years old and is cute as a button. I had them over for grilled burgers that night, it was nice having a toddler run aroud.

Baby Josh

The next night was BUNKO. It was my first time to ever play the game. I wont elaborate, but here is a picture of my martini I had before the party.

Here is how we made them: Splash of champagne, citrus vodka, Palma (pomegranate liquor), and oj, they were delish!

We headed to Tallahassee over the weekend; I hadn’t seen Bree since November! She is such a sweet baby. Never cries and smiles constantly. Here are some pictures from my phone. I have better ones and will post them when I load them up.

We arrived Friday night and Brian had steaks and shrimp grilling. It’s been so cold in FL we had the fire pit burning. The next day the boys left for their quail hunt, and Bree had pictures. We took her to Mama Ann’s house (grandma) that night and went out for sushi and went to Hotel Duval for drinks. This place is SO COOL. All the light fixtures inside had me mesmerized. Here are some pictures of the place. The more I see modern design the more I love it. If you’re ever in Tallahassee I recommend you trying this place out.

Now I’m back at home wishing for warm weather. This week will be more yard work and organization. What did you do this weekend?

View from Level 8, at Hotel Duval.

Hotel Duval

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