Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pendant Lights & Sweet Peas

So I have been going back and forth for months now on what type of light pendants to hang in the kitchen. I don't want Moroccan because I don't want to have to much, I just want Moroccan accents. I would like to have more modern so I could stick a clean modern back-splash in the kitchen and the light pendants could balance the room out. I just can't commit to any. Here are some of my ideas below. Let me know your TRUE thoughts, I always love to hear them!

These are brushed nickel beads...

#2 Love this!

#3 Simple Modern Pendant
I like this, I would get it in silver

#4 The Movarian Star
I love movarian stars, I have always been drawn to them. I got my first one which is a candle pendant when I was 16. I think they never go out of style. Only thing I can't find one that's huge like in the kitchen below.


J brought home tons of quail from the hunt this past weekend. Last night I grilled it up and it turned out delish. EASY STEPS HERE: http://fourfatchicks.blogspot.com/
Here's what it looked like.


Here are some more pictures from the weekend...





She's such a sweet pea :)



Allie said...

Cutie & gosh she looks a lot like brandi in that last picture of them together.

lesli said...

"TRUE" opinion is I like the 2nd one best. Christina did the z gallerie chandelier that looks similar to those in her house and it was just gorgeous. however, that star is really cool!

bree is sooooooooooo cute!

melissa said...

I think #2 and #3 are great. And that baby is just precious!

Anonymous said...