Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What Cocktail are You?

I was hoping I was champagne, but I'm not. I'm a.......PRICKLY PEAR MARGARITA! Never had one...

You love to travel the world and experience all each location has to offer. This Prickly Pear Margarita is a true taste of the Southwest, and features prickly pear syrup in addition to traditional tequila, lime and Triple Sec. Travel to The Phoenician resort to try the drink in its natural habitat, or pick up prickly pear syrup at your local supermarket for an eclectic evening at home.

What are you?


Allie said...

You are a Chocolate Mandarin Dream
You always want to be on top of the newest trend, be it music, shoes or cocktails. This Chocolate Mandarin Dream takes the classic Chocolate Martini to the next level with the addition of white chocolate and mandarin liqueur. It's trendy and classic at the same time, guaranteeing that, like kitten heels, this decadent drink will never go out of style.

This answer is Hilarious to me, because it couldn’t be MORE wrong. I don’t like chocolate & especially not in my martini. And me on top of the newest trends? aaahhhh hahahahahahahahaha! I got my first ipod 2 months ago & think I’m the only living person in my generation without an iphone!

Brunch at Saks said...

Oh how fun! I will definitely have to do this! XOXO