Thursday, June 25, 2009


Last night we had our Hungarian friends, Maggie and Zholti over for dinner. Their mother and sister are in town from Hungary and I had the pleasure of making them their first mahi! It’s always nice meeting people from different parts of the world. I love learning about their foods, holidays, and how they live. I have to say they were very sweet and I hope there travels are safe while flying back home.

I wanted an American menu since this was their first time visiting the USA. I fried the fish in a flour/corn meal combination, made mashed potatoes, and corn on the cob. For the cocktail I made grape spritzers and dug out my old pink flamingo drink sticks, they don’t have pink flamingos in Hungary.

Now on to the weekend!

I’m excited for this weekend to get here, this is the first weekend Jim and I have been home to enjoy each others company. I already have my menu planned out for the week. I’m grilling rosemary balsamic glazed lamb chops, Jumbo shrimp marinated in lime juice and Caribbean seasonings, and a beer in the rear chicken. I’m excited to use Allie’s recipe for this chicken, hers always looks so wonderful. I’m also planning on doing more housework and hanging my string lights I got for the outdoor patio. Here they are below.

I can't believe next weekend is July 4! What's everyone's plans? I have somthing in the works...HAPPY THURSDAY!


sil said...

hi ryan! that dinner sounded so tasty! for my 4th, i might be working :( but i've got tickets to the 311 concert, so i'm definitely doing that!

Montana Lion said...

We are having a big BBQ and have an amazing view of the fireworks from out deck. You guys should come up for it! :) I love those lights, I need to get some for around the hot tub.