Tuesday, June 23, 2009


First I want to start off and say I have a fantastic blackened fish recipe for your grill! To get the recipe click here: http://classygirlsgrill.blogspot.com/ I made this last night and it turned out GREAT. IT was the best Mahi Jim and I had ever eaten. I have to say CONGRATS to my Jim, they won the fishing tournament this weekend! YEAH!!! :)


I wanted to share some of the stuff I got over the weekend with you. Some pictures are from my IPHONE, better pictures are to come.

This picture below is of a lantern I got, mine is silver and I painted it turquoise, I have it outside with my new patio set and it looks great. NOW, I wish it looked as good as the picture below. Maybe one day ;)

I GOT IT! My dream patio set. This picture doesn't do it justice but at least you can see the colors. It looks so much better! Our old patio set was huge and took up our whole outdoors space. Now I can grill and not worry about being burned because the damn chairs were so huge!

Moroccan leather yellow lanterns. I only stuck one up there so far. These have a unique story behind them. They are so different and are going to go great with my lantern cluster I will be hanging up there this weekend. Can't wait to share the pictures of the finished kitchen! FINALLY everything is coming together :)

I also got:
Hanging light bulb kits so I can light up all my jeweled toned vases that are above the kitchen cabinets (each one was $1.00 at the scratch and dent section in IKEA) Usually they run around $10.00 a piece
Hanging light pendant for outdoor patio ($10.00 on IKEA scratch and dent section!, normally their $50!)
2 jeweled toned kitchen rugs ($9.99 at the Ikea sale this weekend)
It was a blast shopping this weekend, it's the first weekend since Labor Day that I have been home. This weekend I'm doing all the house stuff that needs to be done. Finally the kitchen should be complete! Can't wait to share the pictures with you guys!

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Lynn said...

Looks great! I love unique pieces with a story to tell!