Thursday, June 4, 2009

7 Fabulous Things Award

Lynn, thank you for your kind words, and I enjoyed reading your 7 fabulous things :)  I think your blog is darling!  The next time I'm in Oklahoma we must go out for a cocktail! :)

The rules of this award is to list 7  things about they are:

1. I grew up with a Lebanese step father, that’s where my love for ethnic food started. He was the most fabulous cook, and his mother cooked us Lebanese food on a daily basis.  So I grew up with fresh pita bread! How lucky was I!

2. My grandfather owned his own Rodeo Co. and I spent all my childhood summers going to rodeos and holding the American flag with my horse.  I even had a red, white, and blue glitter shirt I would wear! 

3.  I believe in signs and at my wedding I gave all the guests starfish, the starfish was the symbol of our wedding.  Well while in Italy on our honeymoon Jim and I found a starfish on the Spanish steps, NO JOKE.  I teared up right there.

4.  I have a new love for CURRY!

5.  In high school I was a track star, I have all my medals to prove it.  I even broke the school record in the 300 hurdles before I was a freshman.  Only thing, I quit running once I got into high school, the coach pissed me off and I had major shin splints.

6.  Right out of high school I started working at a stock brokerage firm, this is where I met Jim over the phone.  Long story...

7.  The day I got engaged was wonderful.  Jim rented us a nice car so we could drive over the Golden Gate bridge in style.  While at the rental car place we couldn't figure out how to pop the trunk, which the trunk was in front (we had no clue).  LeRoi Moore from the Dave Mathews Band came out and showed us how to work the car. (Keep in mind that this is Jim's favorite band!).  After driving out of San Fransisco we pulled over to a Chinese restaurant, it was probably the best Chinese food I had ever eaten, I opened my fortune cookie and it read, "You will remember this day forever."  Little did I know 3 hours later I would be engaged :) So fortune cookies can be right!

Thank you Lynn, this was fun :) 


sil said...

your engagement story was too cute! i love that you found a starfish on the spanish steps! so romantic :)

Montana Lion said...

The starfish story is fantastic! Bobbie made the ones from your wedding into ornaments for us, and they hang on our tree every year. Now that I know that story, they are 10 times more special!

Lynn said...

You are most welcome! I love the engagement story too!