Thursday, April 30, 2009


The time has come to rip out our carpet. It’s disgusting, we have 3 dogs +1 since mom, Joe, and Memaw have been living with us for the past 3 months! I can’t tell you how excited I am to get the carpet gone! We teeter-tottered on wood or tile, and finally came up picking TILE. Jim’s good friend owns his own tile business and he ended up giving us a sweetheart of a deal! It took me months to choose the perfect piece. I finally chose Metallic Copper stone with silver accents. It’s beautiful in person and since we have higher ceilings we can get away with the dark look. They began next week!


Next, paint! We haven’t changed any paint except for the guest bathroom since we moved in. Most people love my kitchen color but I think it looks to barn looking for me. I want a Moroccan/modern feel and it’s just not cutting the cake. I have gone with the Tuscany theme and I’m over it! I want something fresh and new. I NEED YOUR HELP! Please comment and be honest on my paint selections! NOW, I have bought samples of these 3 colors colors, and it's a NO GO! Horrible looking when you get them all on the wall.

(This one looked like a school bus)

This one looked too YELLOW

This one was nice but doesn't fit my Moroccan flare I'm going for..

So I may be going with RED, but more of a modern feel..which one is your favorite? I’m throwing a lot of turquoise and orange pieces in, so try to imagine all these bright colors plus the WALL. Think MOROCCO!




This picture was taken before we moved in, this is all the previous owners stuff-We also have changed the lighting, now there is drop down pendants, pictures are below.

These are my pendants that are scattered around the kitchen. I want you to have a visual of this stuff so you can help me choose the right color.

Next is my bathroom. I have never liked this color, it blends to much with the tile and it looks like a cardboard box. I'm choosing this aqua you like it?

Picture of our bathroom before we moved in..her style and my style are completely different.

My new color AQUA-We have hung a light fixture we got in Italy above the tub, it matches this paint perfectly! :)

Last, my guest bedroom. Look what has been on the wall for 2 years! He watches everyone sleep!!! So say good bye to frog man and say hello to Aquacade!
I'm doing the room FLORIDA style for my guest. Can't wait to get all of this stuff done!
Pictures of the before and afters will come in MAY! :)


My name is Megan... said...

I love watching people's remodels! I like paint #2

lesli said...

i like #2 as well. the paint you picked for the bathroom and the guest room are perfect! can't wait to be a guest in your home! i hope jim doesn't mind, but i might just live in your bathtub!

Courtney said...

How fun! I really like Red #2! Can't wait to see all of your progress!

Ryan Kay said...

Les, I would make you a nice cozy bed in the tub, we would love to have you :)

Ryan Kay said...

So ALL the girls like #2 :) Thank you!