Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Green Thumb...and I'm Not Done!

(Lemon Tree)
Coming May 1 we will be in our home for 2 years! The day we moved in we knew it needed some TLC in the lawn department. Finally two years later, we have started. It was Earth Day that lit my planting tree fire. Saturday I had planned on going to Kim’s Cabbage Patch to buy a lemon tree. Well Kim didn’t have one but she did have a beautiful feather fern I had to have (She has VERY good prices). I threw feather tree into the back of the truck and headed to Lowes in search of this lemon tree. When I got to Lowes they had plenty of lemons plus a new shipment of Palms that were beautiful. I wanted them so bad but pried myself away from them and just got my baby lemon tree.

After planting the tree’s Jim and I talked about maybe going back to Lowes and getting ONE of the palms. Well we did and came home with two. After seeing them in the yard we needed one more, odd numbers always look better than even. I searched 3 Lowes in a 20 mile radius of the house and found one more! So now we have 3. I must say digging a hole big enough for this palm to fit was quite the task! My back and leg muscles are still in pain. Now that it’s finished I’m so happy we did it. It makes the yard look so nice. This week and weekend I’m going back and getting plants to border around the base of the palms, and I’m in search of a cement water fountain. I’m planning on teaching myself to install it, it can’t be that difficult. I will take pictures of the final yard when it’s complete. VERY EXCITED TO GET IT ALL DONE!


Allie said...

Wow girl, I'm impressed!

Gay said...

Ryan you are incredible. Superwoman.

Ryan Kay said...

Thank you GAY! and ALLIE! :)

Lynn said... rock! I can't even keep a house plant (the ivy that is never supposed to die) alive...much less plant trees! Kudos!