Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fresh and New

Yesterday mom and I had a salon day. It was much needed since it had been before Christmas since I had highlighted! It took me 4 years to find Becca and I was so excited to have mom give her a try. It’s so hard to find someone that knows how to cut blonde hair since it shows every single strand.

Mom has been twisting her hair with these tiny clips; I call them polygamy clips, since her hair resembled the hair off of Big Love. (Sorry mother, the clips had to go) Beca did such a wonderful job even an old man in Publix commented on it! It made mom so happy! We both love it and now we even look more like sisters! The before and after shots are below. Now I’m ready for Vegas!
Before (Those are tiny clips your looking at)

Before (Poor little hair)

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Allie said...

Too sassy for words! I love that yall matched and both wore black shirts on hair cut day, heart!