Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Frozen Sushi

Have you ever heard of frozen sushi?  Well, the Schwan man talked me into it and I thought I would be the first to try it.  I was scared to try the first piece, it was beautiful, the rice was snow white and the crab was pink.  I took a bite and to my surprise it was fresh!  They had packaged it perfectly.  It was freezer sealed, it even came with wasabi, ginger, and soy.  It's great having fresh sushi whenever you want it.  I will definitely be buying more.  TRY SOME!  


lesli said...

oh i love your sushi plates. how fun. i can't wait to visit you, but don't be surprised if i just move in for good.

Allie said...

Yum....I don't think the Schwan's man comes to me street :(

Allie said...

I had walmart sushi last night and it was delicious!