Sunday, February 1, 2009

Before & After

I can't tell you how better I feel about my house after the clean sweep of the "CATCH ALL" room. After the cleaning, I have spent most my time sitting in that woven wicker chair. I have even completed some crafts this weekend. I'm embarrassed to show you the before pictures, because anyone that has been in my home would never believe that this was hiding behind the door, but needed to show you so you could see the dramatic change. Enjoy :)



Allie said...

So glad you posted the before, cause it makes the after look FABU. Way to go for finishing. Wanna come do that to my guest room now? I'll cook you dinner if you do :)

My Cup Is Full said...

Awesome!! I love the got it at IKEA??

Ryan Kay said...

Thank you girls! :)

I did get it at IKEA

I will do your guest room if you make me your lasagna Allie OH and don't forget the wine!