Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thank you Memaw!

My grandmother memaw and my mom sent us a present in the mail yesterday. They wanted to send it to our house since it’s fragile and they didn’t want us making the long drive back with it. My Memaw has been calling me ever since Friday dying for me to open it so last night in front of the tree and with Memaw and mom on speaker phone we all got to open it together. It was a beautiful clock. Jim and I don’t have a single clock up in our home except for the microwave clock that’s off by 30 minutes. It’s lovely! The diamonds spin every 30 minutes, the little men play their instruments and wave back and forth, and it plays 6 melodies from the BEETLES, including HEY JUDE. We love it and can’t thank MEMAW enough. Thank you Memaw, I can’t wait for you to come down and see it on the wall in person. Every time the hour hits, we will hear a Beetles song and think of Memaw and mom, we will cherish it forever! Love you both! Can’t wait to see you next week.

Jim describing the clock to them

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Allie said...

Very pretty. Such a sweet memaw.