Wednesday, December 17, 2008

On the Road Again

We are driving up to Pensacola, Florida today. I have the office phone forwarded to my cell for the next 2 weeks and It’s always fun to be sound asleep and have to wake up with an office voice, EMC how can I help you? I shouldn’t be complaining since I’m lucky to be able to leave for 2 weeks, that’s the one bonus of us owning our own business…thank you Jimmy Bob. Were also lucky to have a job in times like these, so I am very grateful.

Our first stop is Robert and Ashely’s house. Ashley just recently had a baby so this is the first time I will get to hold the little man. I’m one of those people that get scared to hold a new born, I’m always afraid I will break them. Jim and Robert are going hunting so Ashley and I will hang out and do new born stuff, I’m not sure what new born stuff is but I will soon find out.

Our next stop will be Margo and Lorraine, Jim’s mom and grandma. We will celebrate Christmas there and stay a day or two. Margo and Lorraine always make a great breakfast the morning we celebrate Christmas, I’m not sure what all they put in their French toast but it’s to die for.

We then head to Mobile, Alabama. Most of Jim’s father’s side lives in Alabama. We always have a great time hanging out with them, Susan, which is Jim’s aunt, has a horse! Jim’s grandmother Flo is the sweetest person I have ever met, I love her southern accent and she gets around so great for her age. She lost her husband in a plane crash when all 3 children were young and she raised them alone and never re-married. She's an amazing woman.

After our Alabama stop it’s a straight shot up to Bella Vista, Arkansas. My mom lives there with my stepfather, and grandmother, Memaw. This is the only place that I can really relax. I sleep like a baby and feel so comfortable, I guess because it’s my mothers home and she knows what I like. She has so many fun things planed for us since this is the first time in 6 years I have spent CHRISTMAS DAY with her, we will shop and eat at Taco Bueno just to name a few. Memaw is the sweetest thing ever, she has been a wonderful grand ma and I always love her company. I could go on and on but I’m sure this is boring everyone to pieces. OH and Jaclyn and Jason will come up and stay 1 night with us while I’m at my moms.

After relaxing at moms we head to Oklahoma to see my Aunt Sharon. It’s hard for me to visit since she lives in the same house my papa and meme lived. Papa past away last year and meme has been gone for 4, it’s not the same without them. We will stay 1 night and then head to my dad’s which is about 1 ½ hours north of Owasso, OK. He lives in the middle of no where, literally! You can see miles and miles from his prairie home. They have chickens, horses, cows, sheep, goats, dogs, and cats. I will take many pictures while I’m there. I love holding the baby goats, they are precious and I wish I had some at home. After our farm visit we start the track back home. This journey will take 2 weeks and I hope to journal some steps along the way.


Cathy said...

Safe travels! We're leaving for a two week road trip through Tennessee and Oklahoma, beginning Saturday. It will be a lot of driving, but worthwhile.

Allie said...

well good grief...why don't you just stop by TX on your way home and hit 5 states! Can't wait to hear all the tales.