Monday, December 8, 2008

Painting of The Door

I began my painting project on Saturday morning. It took me many moons to choose a color. I chose RED..Here is why.

A red door is a significant symbol in many countries. In China, some say a door is painted red before the New Year to invite good luck and happiness, while in Ireland, it’s done to ward off ghosts and evil spirits.

Now, on to the feng shui meanings

A. If you'd like to bring new energy to your home, painting your front door red can help. The color red is associated with success, luck and prosperity.

Then while researching my red door this morning I came across this:

B. few words of caution about red: In traditional Chinese feng shui, there are certain unlucky "star combinations" that can be activated by the color red. It's possible your house has one of these combinations at the front door. Also, each year (using the Chinese calendar), one of the eight directions or the center of the house will be an inauspicious place to use red. In order to find out if either of these situations is an issue for your home you will need to do a compass-method analysis of your home. Or, use the "try it and see" method: paint your front door red and see what happens. If your luck takes a big turn for the worse (illness, unexpected major expenses, loss of a contract or job, etc.), run back to the paint store and repaint the door another color.

I wish I had known about this before I painted the door. I hope my door is in the LUCKY STAR COMBINATION. I guess I will be testing it out on the “TRY IT” method. This does scare me for some reason. I guess because the whole painting of the door this weekend was a bitch to get done. The door didn’t want to be RED. It took over 4 coats and 16 hours to finish. This is no lie, my aching back is proof in the pudding.



(took 3 hours to tape the damn tiny squares)


I do love the results, and my cheap flocked wreath looks so much better with the red then then white. I will let you know if any luck changes. What do you think? Is White or Red better?


Allie said...

Oh Ryan, it looks MUCH better than I had pictured. I think you did awesome.

Ryan Kay said...

Thank you Allie! I coudlnt have done it without your support

lesli said...

I think Allie is a naysayer on the painting projects=) haha... just kidding! Your hard work definitely paid off, because it looks great. and just think ~ you got a work out AND you didn't have to watch football!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT...100% better.
NOW for an eye popping LOOK, add bright red balls to your wreath.

Steve sculpts critters said...

Nice job.
My wife wants to paint our brown door red.

Ryan Kay said...

Thanks Lesli, your right It helped me tune out the football blaring all weekend in my hear :)

Steve-Thank you...You should paint it red for her, you won't be sorry :)

Allie's Mom said...

Oh Red is the color. I love it!

Ryan Kay said...

Thank You Allie's MOM

Mandy S said...

LOVE the red!