Monday, October 13, 2008

The Weekend

Friday afternoon while driving home to finish up things for our company I had a blow out, Jim comes out to changed the tire and while the tire was off and the car was jacked up, the jack falls over and we are unable to finish the change of the tire, so we call road side assistance to have them come and help and they stated it would be a couple of hours before they could get out there and Brandi and Bryan were just an hour away so we told the man to call us when he was out there and we would come and pick up the car.

Well, Brandi and Bryan get there and the boys leave to deal with my tire situation. 1 1/2 hours pass and the boys are back without my car. They drove around and waited for the man but he never showed. Well, the guy shows up around 8:30 while we have dinner reservations at 9 so our plan was to pick up the car after dinner.

Dinner was great, we had a blast and while on our way home passing the turn off I say, OH my car we need to go get my car...Jim replies, we will just get it in the morning, it will be fine, anyways you have had some martini's...

(Friday before dinner, Brandi & I with Pumpkin Man)

(Branid & Bryan before dinner)


Saturday morning we all got up early at 7, the boys leave for their golf game, Brandi and I eat breakfast before our big trip to Epcot. While Brandi was laying in the floor with Bear, we hear DING DONG...OH MY Brandi yells, there is a man in black at the door. I peak my head around the corner and sure enough, there is a man in black it's a COP. I go to the door, "Are you the owner of a red infiniti...Me: yes...Well mam, I'm sorry to say but your car has been stripped, we have a detective out on the scene right now, please follow me to fill out the police report. Brandi and I follow the sheriff to my car and this is what we see. We hadn't had our shower yet, it was a hot and humid morning, and I can say one thing, I was mad..mad mad.

(The only thing that they left..Thank you THIEF)

After dealing with the police, waiting on a tow truck, and following the tow truck to the car lot. We finally got to go home, and YES, we got ready and went to EPCOT, and all things became better.

EPCOT STORY to come soon, I can say one thing, I'm going to Morocco. I love thier people, music, food, and drinks. Italy was fabulous also, drinking raseberry champagne was the cherry on my cake. Brandi and I also enjoyed eating the plum out of thier plum wine in China...mmmm

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Allie said...

well good poor thing. I'm so glad it didn't ruin the Epcot day.