Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Around the World in One Day

PART ONE...This is HALF our trip around the world, the other half will be up soon.


Mexico was lively and the smell of onions and cheese filled the air. Brandi and I got to look in the Mexican shops while they made pottery and painted wooden animals. We didn't experience any food or wine from Mexico, since we had drank margaritas the night before..but don't worry this was just the beginning of our journey around the world.

(Me looking at a Mexican sunshine)

(Brandi looking at the Tequila book in Mexico City)

Austria & Norway

We then stepped foot in Austria. We had a beef goulash, which I thought would have noodles, but the real way to have it is with stewed meat and cubed potatoes, I would have rated it a 5. The wine was woody, which probably isn't a word but it is now in my vocabulary. It wasn't my favorite..Sorry Austria.

We then road a Viking boat through Norwegian Sea's, it showed us the terrain and lifestyle of Norway. I would love to go!


China was wonderful! We had Chicken Sha Cha with a plum wine green tea cooler and Mango Grarita with Rum, they were both delicious and I ate up the chicken like a starved animal! They also had pot stickers and dragon fly wine but Brandi and I had some pot stickers earlier in the day so we passed. I do have to say, I need that Mango Grarita recipe, it was to die for!

(Our Chicken Sha Cha)


I fell in love with curry while sampling India, we had the shrimp in red curry sauce paired with Kingfisher premium lager. The shrimp were huge and tasty. Next was the Samosa with Tamarind Sauce, a Samosa is a pea and potato pastry, it was different, I had never had anything like it. I would order it again if I ever travel to India.

(Look at these wonderful shrimp!)

(Pastry with Mango Salsa)


Germany had the smell of freshly baked pretzels on the street, we had a pastry with some type of brown gravy on top. I didn't try any drinks, since I live right by the best German bakery in Florida. Anyways, we could see Italy from Germany and rushed to see what they had to offer, and MAN let me tell you, they offered EVERYTHING!


(Picture above is a gelato cart in Italy)

Right when we stepped foot into Italy Brandi rushed over to the gelato cart, and yes, it was wonderful. I stood in line and stared at all the Italians pouring their wonderful cocktails, I got a glass of Italian Sparkling wine and Brandi got their Raspberry champagne...it was amazing. If only I could find it here in the stores. We went through the shops and then went on to America, we went into a show, it was about the start of America, I looked over at Brandi and she was asleep, I was on the verge of falling a sleep..so we ran out, and guess where we went. We went back to Italy for that Raspberry champagne.

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Allie said...

I LOVED your descriptions, good girl! I'm serious about us all going next year, I'm going to start saving my pennies right now. How did it work price wise? Did you pay for each item, or just a flat price to get in? Oh and your hair looked real cute in that first picture.