Friday, October 10, 2008

I will be traveling around the world tomarrow

Brandi and Bryan are on their way down. I'm making ice cold margarita's for their arrival cocktail. We are going out to eat tonight in Orlando, I have 3 places for them to choose...Timpano's, (which is Italian), Tavern on the Lake, (Just good food), Moonfish, (Fresh Seafood & Sushi), or Samba Room, (upscale Cuban/Spanish). We will have to make it an early night since Brandi and I have to get up early for our trip around the world. Here are just SOME of the places we will be visiting:






I will take many pictures, can't wait to experience all the different wines and foods from around the world. It should be fun.


T said...

Enjoy your trip and have lots of fun and be safe.
Can't wait to see pictures!

I am keeping your mom in my thoughts and prayers.

Allie said...

I'm SOO excited for DYING to hear in detail all the wonderful food and see pictures. We should DEF plan to ALL (you brandi, Lesli & I next year). So fun.