Monday, October 6, 2008

Our Last Relaxing Weekend until November

After my date night on Friday I came home to these beautiful ornaments waiting for me in the mail. Thank you ALLIE! They are going to be perfect for the Festival of Tree's, I can't wait to post the finished product. (I might keep one for myself...if that's ok with Allie)

(Snow filled ornaments with iridescent glow)

(Bear wanted in the picture..I guess he's feeling better about his lion cut..PIC of me and the ornaments)

(More closeups of the ornaments)

Here is the picture of Bear's new hair cut, I have been dealing with his depression all weekend. I told the women that cuts his hair he is really sensitive on his joke. Usually she leaves more around his head so he doesn't know he's shaved, she also leaves more hair on the tail..instead this time she made him look like a lion. He hates it, he stares at the ball of hair on his tail and then looks up at me with his sad eyes...maybe tonight I will cut it off to look like the rest of his skinny hairless tail. I feel so bad, but he is slowly getting over it. I hope he kicks out of his depression state soon, this has happened once before when they shaved his hair completley. Thank goodness his hair grows quick, but until then I will have to baby, love him and act like he is the best looking dog in the world.

I have been roller blading and this weekend I got to meet our new neighbors little boy, well he isn't little, he's probably 12. While I skate I pass their house about 4 times, because I go up and down our street. My first pass while on the blades I saw him but he was hiding behind a tree. I smiled and thought, well he is just being a kid. Then my second pass, I said, Hey! How are you today!..his reply..WHAT? I said, HEY HOW ARE YOU?..His reply..EEEHHHHH! FINE! then turns around and runs in the house. I was like, what a little shi* he is. I was just trying to be nice to the guy. Well after my roller blading I went to get Velvet for a cool down so I was walking past their house again, there he was, staring out the window at me. I'm thinking to myself, whats wrong with that child??? I make the turn on passing and here he comes with his HUGE GERMAN SHEPARD while he KNEW I had my lab..his dog starts barking and running up to us, Velvet just wants to play but this dog doesn't, instead Velvet and I feel like we might be attacked so I start walking fast up towards our house, I look back and the little demon was smiling and yelled, AAHHH! I was going to take some cake over to meet his parents but now I'm thinking, if they raised a little shit like that, well then what are they like?

I also made 7-UP cake over the weekend, it was really moist, and then some bacon wrapped green beans with a brown sugar, soy, garlic glaze. MMmmmm!

(Cake ingredients)

Green beans before their brown sugar glaze.


lesli said...

bears's hair cut made me laugh out loud. literally. sounds like you had a great weekend... a delicious one at that.

Allie said...

aaaww, poor bear! So glad the ornaments arrived safe and not in 50 million pieces. Can't wait to see the tree.