Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mom and Ebay

I got a call last week from my mom stating that she had bid on some vintage pixie elves, she said they were having a bid war so to be a terd she put a bid in just for the hell of it and 2 minutes later she won. I have a couple of these from my childhood, I love them dearly. I stick them in my tree every year...so this year, my tree will be themed towards vintage elves and blown glass ornaments. Thank you mom, I love them! AND thanks for sending me the pictures, it really looks like their having a good time at your house...They might want to stay with you.


Allie said...

I LOVE those. My Aunt Dee gave me a santa that looks vintage like those elves...can't WAIT for Christmas.

lesli said...

i was just about to say... allie is going to be so jealous when she sees your elves! they are darling. it's scary how much you are like us! miss you friend.

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