Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I love the Starbuck Frappuccino's, the ones that say A Low fat Creamy Blend of Starbucks Coffee and Milk..LOWFAT?? There 4 points on Weight Watchers, I was shocked! That's equivalent to 2 beers, which I could have enjoyed after work. Now I have to be careful the rest of the day because of this little drink. Thier not even 12 ounces, there I gulped it down in 2 seconds. 2 seconds and 4 points down, only 18 more.


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T said...

Yummy! I love those Frappuccino's too, but you are so right, they are fattening, I don't care, I splurge anyways, but I don't drink beer, so I can! :)