Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm Home

I stepped out of the car, the wind blew the Cuban cigar smoke through my hair. I knew I was home. I rushed in to order my Cuban chicken with yellow rice and black beans. HOLA MAMA, the women yelled.., "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN" I realized 2 weeks is a long time. They were all on their usual routine, she was cooking and her husband was out in his usual seat smoking his cigar. I love this place. I enjoy it so much. The chicken is soaked so long in the special secret red sauce it falls right off the bone. It's juicy and flavorful, it's just plain wonderful. I would die to have this recipe.

P.S. All the elves from mom's house have made it safe and sound to Florida. Thank you mom, I love them! :) OH and ALLIE I went to Hobby Lobby while I was with mom :) I enjoyed it so much!


Allie said...

Oh good, glad your home and so glad you brought the elves and hit up Hobby Lobby. Did you get good stuff for your tree?

T said...

Welcome home Ry!

Boy, you have been busy! I would love to have your energy right about now.

The picture you posted with the striped marlin is so cool.

In all the pics this last couple of weeks, you look like you had a blast.