Sunday, October 26, 2008


I'm sitting in the airport in Memphis...I have took off and landed 9 times in 1 week, I have one more take of and landing in a few hours.  I hate airports, everyone is sneezing and I look like a nut running away from it and covering my mouth.  I always get sick a week after a plane ride. NOW they don't give you peanuts or snacks, they charged me $40 for my bag to be checked in, it wasn't even over weight.  Enough about the airports.

My visit with mom was great, she is getting along pretty well.  We shopped, ate, and cleaned and it went by in a flash.  I can't wait until she moves closer, I hate being so far away.  The only thing about mom's house is she is on dial up and every time I tried to log on it would block me from, I had so many things to blog about and had to let them all go.

Mexico was wonderful and I have attached a few pictures below.  I have another busy week this week, I got Jaclyn and Jason coming in from Oklahoma to visit.  We have so many neat things planned I can't hardly wait!  

My first STRIPED MARLIN! :) As you can see from the picture I was about to pass out, it took about 40 minutes to pull him in, don't worry, we released him and he swam away.

A Mahi Mahi I caught, we cooked it at the local marina, it was GREAT.  I was puking the whole time on this trip, it was horrible.
I got to ride a horse :) 

We golfed on a beautiful course looking over the ocean

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Allie said...

Missed you on the blog the past 2 weeks :(

OMG, trip sounds great. Can't wait to hear more about it.