Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Part 2 of Around the World in One Day


Japan was great, I swear I could eat Japanese food every day of the week. We chose the spicy tuna roll, one of my favorites along with some Japanese Plum Wine. The wine reminded me of plum perfume it was so potent so I went back and tried me some Raspberry was good but I would prefer the warm original Saki that you get at a hibachi. I wish I had some sushi right now!

(Our Sushi)


Morocco was our favorite country. They even taught us how to belly dance. MAN, Brandi loved that. She was a dancing machine. he he. I also loved their shops, they have so many neat things. I ended up buying some pottery to hold your salt in. Brandi got a CD so she can belly dance at home. I chose pita bread stuffed with Moroccan meat, it was wonderful. It reminded me of my Lebanese food I love so much.

Us trying on belly dancing gear

(I was trying, Brandi was shaking that butt..She didn't need a teacher)


We didn't have any food while in France, we were stuffed and getting ready for England and Canada. We did drink something that resembled an orange Popsicle. The shops were so neat, we both got Eiffel Tower wine glasses, which look lovely holding red wine.


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