Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Way

The older I get the more rituals I pick up. I have daily things I do that I enjoy, and the days I miss them I feel like I haven’t yet completed my day. I eat a weight watchers cup cake every night with a glass of milk. I love ice in my milk, I think it’s the way the milk glazes over the ice cubes that makes it appealing to my eye. I also love bubble baths, I sleep better if I take one. Every morning I get up and Bear greets me to say good morning, it’s like I have been gone for weeks. We lay on the floor and his belly gets tickled, it’s the same routine every morning. I’m not sure why the other doggies don’t do this; I think they are too excited for their meal. Bear’s so weird when it comes to food, he will let it set all day and wait for us to come home and then he eats it. He either knows he will need to go to the bathroom if he eats it in the morning, or he is just polite. I guess we all have our own rituals, even our fur terds.

I also have weekly cravings I have to fulfill. One is my Cuban chicken obsession. I dream about this chicken! I have tried to ask for the recipe but I’m not fluent in Spanish. Another thing I crave is my garlic shrimp and Hanabie Sushi Roll, it’s delicious! I try to go at least every other week when we have time. I wish I could master this dish at home, it’s to die for. I won’t even talk about my Taco Bueno, I can’t even get it in FL and if I could, I would go daily! Watch out MID-WEST, I will be down in a month or so and Taco Bueno HERE I COME!

I enjoy drinking hot tea; I promise if your tea cup is beautiful the tea tastes better. I’m not sure why that is but it’s the same with coffee. It’s something about holding a big bulky colorful coffee cup between your hands, and sipping it. I enjoy stuff like this so much.

Jim and I eat lox every Sunday morning, when the weekend rolls around and we don’t have smoked salmon in the fridge we have to make a dash to the local grocery store and get some. I thank god that the Sunday morning breakfasts with hash browns, bacon, and eggs got old because that was a mess to clean up, it’s nice to just throw some salmon on a bagel and he thinks it’s the greatest thing since slice bread. I’m lucky.

What got me thinking about my things that I love and the stuff that I have gotten used to is Halloween. So many families have traditions for all the holidays. Each family is different and I think it’s so interesting to see how people live and what people like. When I have a child I will start a tradition of going to the local pumpkin patch and picking out the perfect pumpkin, I might even start that tradition this year without my future kid. I will carve it then bake the seeds to enjoy. If anyone has any neat family traditions please share them. I love hearing about them and would like to start some myself since we have just recently started our own family.

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