Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Brandi Weekend

This weekend I will be driving up to Tallahassee to see my great friend Brandi! We havent seen each other since Destin and we are looking forward to it! We always manage to have a great time with each other. She has just recently moved into her brand new home! I will be helping her decorate, my favorite thing to do! Can't wait!

Only 2 more days! and a 2 1/2 hour drive!

(Brandi, Me, Jaclyn In VEGAS)

I know the picture below is low quality, it was taken on a camera phone, but this is our pumpkin men faces last year...Jaclyn really can make a good pumpkin man face, and I have to say, Brandi's pumpkin man doesnt cut the cake in this picture

(My Pumpkin man face looks mean)


T said...

Have fun on your trip. Sounds like you girls always have a blast.

I wanted to let you know I made your
Lemon-Garlic Exotic Shrimp last weekend!! YUMMY! It was a HUGE hit at my house. My wonderful loving husband really enjoyed it, as did I.

There is hope for me yet, this whole cooking thing.:))

Ryan Kay said...

T, We do always have fun, I think girls have so much more fun then boys :)

So you made the shrimp!! IM HAPPY YOU LIKED IT! I hope it turned out as good as it did for me. Did you get the french bread and dip it in the sauce? YEA!! That makes me happy you like it! WEll have a great day!

lesli said...

gawd I need a girls weekend. Meet me in Dallas? What do you say?

Ryan Kay said...

Man Lesli I wish you were closer, I need girl weekends all the time! I totally would do a Dallas Girls Weekend! We should really do something like that one day!

lesli said...
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Allie said...

Girls weekend in Dallas...sounds like a plan :)