Monday, September 8, 2008

Comic Book

If Brandi and I were comic book drawings, we would look like this. No, we had nothing to drink, we had just got threw eating our morning bagel and figured we would play with my photo booth on my mac. It was quite fun. Miss you B! See you soon!! YEA!!

Wonder Women

(We just got through seeing spider man outside by the's OK Brandi, He won't hurt us)

(Spider Man just asked if we wanted to go to New York with him...Look at my face, I was amazed, Brandi couldn't believe it)

(Were telling Spider Man we are staying right here)

(Spider Man is mad now, I'm worried, It looks like Brandi is trying to seduce him)

(We thought it was working, SHOOT, I guess not for Spider MAN)

(It didn't work, We are both amazed, he just flew away in a blink of an eye)


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