Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ice Cubes

I had a great time with Kristin yesterday, but I would have rather been in Colorado or Greenland where it's nice and cool.  I wore the UCF colors for about 1 hour.  I had a tank top on with jeans.  I can always with stand high temperatures while wearing jeans but yesterday it was so hot, It felt like I was in a steam room for my legs.  My jeans were wet, I had sweat dripping off my back (I know it's gross) It was hot.  ALSO, no joke, there were people dropping like fly's do to heat exhaustion, and I was worried I was going to become one of those.  So thankfully UCF had a surf shop on campus and I found a sun dress the color of the Caribbean ocean, I stuck out like a sore thumb.  Kristin's boyfriend could spot me out on the other side of the stadium because my dress was so bright.  I didn't care, It was worth looking like a fat bubble girl.  While in the game I dreamed about Jim laying on his comfortable chair while drinking sweet ICE tea in the cool AC, snow, me swimming in a pool, OH and snow cones.  I really didn't pay attention to any of the game.  Instead I had my cooling thoughts, and watch this little cute 2 year old girl that had pig tails.  She was a DOLL.  

On another note, my pork butt was SCRUMPTIOUS! and the meatballs were a HUGE hit.  So easy!  One boy called me the Doe, for domesticated women.  If he only knew the meatballs were frozen and I unthawed them in a crock pot with grape jelly, ketchup, and Worcestershire sauce.

Now I'm laying in my bed in my cool house with my dog that smells like corn chips, far from my heat filled day yesterday.  I swear I give him a bath and when he dries off he smells like a fresh toasted corn chip.  I don't know why that is.  I guess it could be worse.


Allie's Mom said...

that is so funny. My Mopsy, may she rest in peace, smelled like Fritos too. Wonder what that is.

Ryan Kay said...

Allie's Mom,

Why is that? My mom said the same thing about her dog. I even soak him in shampoo thinking it will absorb in the hair but it doesnt :) NOW my other dogs don't smell like corn chips, they just smell nasty like wet dogs..eeeee! I get grossed out just thinking about it :) There has to be a product out there to help out my dogs :) Let me know if you have one. Have a great day.

PS-I'm sorry about Mopsy, my mom had to put down our old dog 2 weeks ago..I know it's hard. Have a wonderful day!


Allie said...

Uuuugggggg, nothing I hate more than being so hot and sweaty! Glad to hear the food was a hit. I actually saw a few mins of the game on TV and thought about you!

Ryan Kay said...

Allie, Your right, it was miserable! I really felt like I was going to faint! I can't believe you didn't see me on TV!! I was the only one not wearing Black and Gold! :) he he I was in Bright BABY BLUE!

lesli said...

so funny~ allie and I talked yesterday and both talked about looking for you in the stands! So I wonder why bear smells like corn chips? Thats so funny to me! Glad to hear your tailgating experience was great. I sure miss that about Austin!