Sunday, August 31, 2008

Football & Marriage

(The pillow reads...We Interrupt This Marriage...To Bring You FOOTBALL SEASON...)
BOY, this explains it perfectly!, Thanks mom, for getting Jim this pillow, he thinks it's good luck so he holds it everyday and all night while the games are on...AND his new thing is while I'm in the kitchen or walking by, he holds it up and starts chanting and pointing to the saying on the that love or what!

So, college football has officially started and Jim is a DIE HARD fan...I mean DIE HARD.  I don't think anyone can understand what I go through until you see the hard evidence!  Pictures to come soon.  He screams and thinks he controls the games by his luck.  He is the most superstitious man I have ever met! and I'm pretty bad, but nothing compared to him.

So I went to the mail box yesterday thinking about how I wish my girls were near since Jim has been in front of the television ever since Thursday evening and I received a postcard in the mail from my best friend Brandi, THANK YOU BRANDI, IT CAME AT THE PERFECT TIME!!!  The postcard is below!

(Me holding the post card)

(Postcard on top reads..."PORN FOR WOMEN")

(The Postcard that Saved The Day)

(It Reads...Breakfast is on the table, I will have your outfit ready in 5 minutes) he he..yea right! I will have you shi** to clean up in 5 minutes!  Just kidding, I must go to bed now before I type to much.


lesli said...

is it sad that the roles are completely reversed in my house? I'm thinking jim and I would be big buddies:)

Ryan Kay said...

Yes, you would be big buddies. There needs to be a class that Justin and I can take to help us fall in love with football..I really wish I could enjoy it like he does, and I have tried but I just can't get into it :(