Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Waiting For The First Freeze, Oh WAIT...Florida doesn't Freeze!

Yesterday after work I was outside on the phone minding my own business, I look down and to my surprise this huge black rhino beetle was staring right at me about 3 inches away from my feet. I'm sure all the neighbors thought a women had just been murdered. I can say one thing, you won't see me outside until fall. Why haven't I ever seen one of these things? I'm in the lawn and flower bed all the time and never have ran across a rhino looking bug. Thank god I haven't because I wouldn't be doing lawn work anymore. I just hate this time of year! I have been bitching a lot about the bugs, but NOW look what's out there, something worth bitching about! I didn't kill it, I wanted to but I was barefoot and I ran inside to get something to spray on it and when I came back it was gone. So now everyday I have to worry about this thing, knowing it's watching my every move. Does anyone even know what kind of beetle this is? Scary!

P.S. There are few things that I hate in this world, one is bugs!

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