Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Story of Pumpkin Man

Chapter 1

It was a September morning in the year 2007.  We stopped in at cracker barrel on our usual trip up to Orange Beach... and there he was...PUMPKIN MAN, he smiled at me as I stepped towards him...I fell in love with him that moment.  I saved him from the country store,  we got him in the car and there we went, Me, Pumpkin Man, and Jim up to our last tournament for the year.

Chapter 2

I arrived at Kendra's family beach house with Pumpkin Man in arms.  I walk in and set him down, I was so proud of him.  Brandi, Kendra, and Tracy  looked at him and said, Oh my God! What the hell is that!  I told them it's Pumpkin Man, they swore he was evil looking, they poked fun of him, so then I took him and put him in his little box and stuck him in the car.

Chapter 3

1 week after the Orange Beach trip I took Pumpkin Man home and decorated my house for Halloween.  I received a call and across the phone line I heard, "Ry, I found a Pumpkin Man, he is similar to yours and I love him"...I said, Brandi? I thought you hated Pumpkin Man and you said he was ugly and scary!  Brandi: "I know I said that, but I love him and I can't wait for you to see him." This was the start of Pumpkin Man.  Day's pasted and Brandi and I exchanged our own pumpkin man faces...every time we would get together we would take our own pumpkin man pictures.  We even did the Pumpkin Man expression in my wedding photos..(I will post them soon) My mom caught on to Pumpkin Man and got a couple of her own and so did many more of m friends.  At my wedding I even received two presents, Pumpkin Man had given them to us, it was 2 more pumpkin men.  So now I have become a collector.  I have a total of 5...This year I will collect more.  I'm so excited for August to come around because at the end of the month I will start decorating! I know its early but they are great to have around the house.  I know you might be thinking I'm crazy, but get one of your own! You will get the addiction to and you will know what I'm talking about!  They can be found anywhere...I got some at Cracker Barrel, T.J. Maxx, and Homegoods!  I will post pictures of all of my 5 soon.  For now here is some pictures of the 1st Pumpkin Man!



Allie said...

I think pumpkin man is adorable! I used to think that decorating for holidays was goofy, you know as silly as wearing holiday sweatshirts and blinking chritmas light necklaces (only for old lady grandmas) but I guess I've mellowed in my old age, cause I'm starting to dig the holiday decorating. Last Christmas I put up my tree 2 weeks BEFORE Thanksgiving...I blamed it on my good friend Lesli's Dec 1st wedding, "i wouldn't have time, so I must do it EARLY" but really I was just so excited to have a tree in my little cottage I could hardly stand it. And I didn't take it down till well into January. So this year, I think I'm going to embrace the fall decorating too. Not any ole Hobby Lobby bojank~ey decorations...but I really love those old looking (vintage almost) things...and I think Pumpkin Man def falls into that category. Yeah for Pumpkin man and thanks for the inspiration! (is this the longest comment in history?)

Ryan Kay said...

Allie, Your exactly like me! I decorate for Christmas 2 weeks before Thanksgiving! Also, I will be decorating for Fall early! :) You hit the nail on the head, I love Vintage halloween decor, I have a really neat collection of jacolanterns..(mispelled) and cats! Now accorse I have my PUMPKIN MEN! :) But I usually don't put out the usual ghost and witch cheesy stuff...its all vintage looking! Can't wait to see pictures of your fall decor! :) oh and LESLI if your looking at this! You must geta pumpkin man also! and Brandi, if your reading this, send me your pumpkin man and I will post him! and mom, send your's also!

Ryan Kay said...

Correction on my comment, Brandi I wasn't meaning send your pumpkin man my mail, I'm meaning a PICTURE :)

Mandy S said...

this is just hilarious!! conversation about "pumpkin man!" he's catchy, i must say!