Monday, July 21, 2008

This post is for Allie

I haven't figured out how to reply to comments :)

Last night for the Hungarians I made a good southern meal. We had grilled pork chops, garlic mashed potatoes, and a zucchini and squash casserole. Jim eats ranch dressing on everything so I always keep it at the table with the BBQ sauce, his other favorite...they were not sure what to do with the was funny. I told them you don't have to have the ranch with your pork, it drowns out the flavor but they watched Jim dip his entire pork and mash potatoes in it and they took it and did the same. They loved it and couldn't wait to go buy some of their own BBQ and ranch. :) Next time I have them over she is going to cook with me so I can learn some Hungarian dishes. EXCITING...I will let you know when I get a good recipe.

Also, you asked me about my Asian noodles. It's nothing fancy :) It comes in a box. You can find them in the Oriental food aisle. The brand name is called Simply Asian, and you can choose from a huge variety of noodle kits. My favorite is the garlic and chive udon, but it's hard to find. I found that the Grocery part in Target has the best selection. Also, if you get these, add some green onions, or some fresh vegi's...Jim thinks I make it homemade..he little secret. :) It goes great with everything, we were getting tired of potatoes and rice.


Allie said...

Tribute to little ole me? I love it...I feel famous!! I'll re-pay the favor soon. And can't wait to try those noodles!

lesli said...

ryan, allie and i love to find good "tricks" at the grocery store and spruce them up to fabulous perfection!

ok so you always do this - you go and get ahead of me by posting a million posts in a few days! your bedroom is gorgeous. you and jim are so beachy chic. you know there's a fine line between beach tacky and beach chic, and you do a fabu job! kudos, girl!

also - what a neat idea with the vase and the corks. i've been saving my corks since i heard they were scarce... great idea!

Mandy S said...

I LOVE the Simply Asian noodles!! i use them all the time!