Sunday, June 1, 2008

My Sunday

Yesterday Lori and I went to the movie Sex in the City, I did LOVE it, but if you have never been a fan of the show, I wouldn't go.  It made me think that everyone is lonely sometimes (like I am right now).  I won't talk much about the movie, I will wait a week so I won't spoil it for anyone.

I'm sick again!  I have a sore throat, I woke up this morning without a voice.  I hate a scratchy voice, it bugs me.  Even though I'm sick I had to mow the lawn.  My finished lawn is the picture below.  It was bad and looks so much better.  

I went to the grocery store today and bought me a special treat...King Crab legs and clams, there both one of my favorites.  I also bought cupcakes for my cup tree, I tried making fake ones yesterday and they were HORRIBLE.  I will just use real ones until I buy some fake ones on Ebay.  I'm cheap so it may take me awhile.

(Pic of my Cup Cake Tree above and below)

 I'm going to go drink some medicine, I will probably watch a movie and go to bed early tonight.  I look forward to getting up early and going in to work, while Jim sleeps and gambles in Biloxi.  Hopefully he has good luck.  

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