Friday, May 30, 2008

Have you ever seen a dog that smiled

This morning I woke up to a grinning dog. He was happy this morning, he must have been dreaming of steaks and Italian food or was happy he took Jim's place. He was so happy I couldn't say no to taking him into work today. He loves car rides and this is how he sits while in the car...looking straight at me. For some reason lately Bear has been attached at my hip. I can't go to the bathroom without him being there with me. He trips me while I'm trying to cook and if I'm sitting in my chair watching T.V. he has to be right there on my lap. He isn't a tiny tot so it does get uncomfortable but you just can't turn him down.
Harley and Velvet are not car dogs. Velvet hates it and Harley is so worried about his surroundings that it's uncomfortable for him. So Bear gets to be the lucky one and work with me today. Right now he is below my desk sleeping. He loves coming to work only if he could file or do something, I would rather work with him then anyone else.

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