Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Emerald Coast

Tomorrow we leave for Destin.  Jim has entered the Emerald Coast Classic Bill Fish Tournament...I told him I should go since I know how to win but he didn't fall for it.  Brandi and I found a condo on the beach and I'm sure most of our days will be laying out on the sand.  I will take pictures, Destin has beautiful beaches. 

We also have found a water park we might go to, I love lazy rivers and slides.  It's called Big Kahuna's.  The only thing I have a problem with is I'm sure there are millions of rug rats running around since school is out.  You know they pee every chance they can get in all the pools. 

My favorite thing to do when I'm out of town is eat out.  I plan my whole day around lunch and dinner.  I will be eating all the fresh seafood I can eat.  There is this great restaurant in Destin that serves fresh shrimp, fish, and sushi rolls.  They even have a Cowboy Roll which is a steak sushi..sounds nasty but it's quite tasty.  I will eat a shrimp for all of you :)  The restaurant is located out on a fishing dock.  So you know the fish is fresh.  You can see the boats coming in an unloading there catch for the day.  I can't wait! :)

 Tonight I will cook on my EGG one last time before he gets a break.  I will make balsamic vinegar glazed steaks with garlic mashed potatoes.  Baby Bear I'm sure will watch since he knows the suitcase is out.  It will be a short trip this time.  I am excited about the Beach.  Destin by far is the best tournament spot.  Cant WAIT!

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lesli said...

now what crazy person doesn't think the cowboy roll sounds good? looks gorgeous - am so jealous, sister!