Saturday, June 28, 2008

Whales Tails + Rubber Boots

Brandi and I arrived in Destin on Thursday.  The boys left us that night, and here is the spot we enjoyed our wonderful seafood at, we sit there for hours with a conversation that kept on going most of our weekend. (I can say only one thing, drama is on the boat right now)  We looked over to the ocean and sipped on The Whale, which was a blue drink.  It was quite relaxing and my meal was mighty good.  

(Here we sit on a wooden bench facing the ocean while eating our yummy food)

( Brandi and I with The Whale)

The next day it rained and while Brandi and I were in Target (Our FAVORITE SPOT) 
we found rubber boots, I chose the Pink she chose the black poka dots.  I have always needed some rubber boots, I hate when it rains and you get your pants and feet all wet.  Now, I will be good to go.  The pictures below are of Brandi and I trying our boots out. They work great.

(Brandi and her boots)

After the rain moved out, we sit on the beach until evening.  It was nice and relaxing and the people watching was great.  Here is what the water looks like in Destin, its beautiful. Only thing is, there were jelly fish everywhere, so we didn't get to swim any :( Hopefully today we can enjoy the water without getting stung.  Tonight the guys come in...I hope their trip was good.   (update you soon)

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lesli said...

you girls are too cute! i have leopard print rain boots... can i come join the fun?