Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Crabie Pattie

Im having one of those days. Where Im just tired of everything. My yard looks like a jungle, Jim leaves again for another fishing trip, we leave for Biloxi next week, I just dont understand it sometimes. I guess I will be doing the yard work solo AGAIN this weekend.

I do look forward to seeing Brandi in Biloxi. Last year we had so much fun together. It's always nice to have girl time. While were up there we will be going to see Colective Soul, I loved them in the 90's and that's the last time I have listened to them. We both love concerts and thier the only ones playing the week were there. I do like them, it's just been awhile. Last year we went to Peter Frampton's concert. It was a blast even though we were the youngest ones there. The pictures below are of Brandi and I last year at the Peter Frampton Concert :)

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