Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bubble Baths

There's nothing like taking a hot bubble bath, that is one thing I love and I have become addicted to it.  If I'm out of town I crave a hot bath before bed.  I can't sleep good without one.

The only thing is I cant take baths anywhere else except for my own home.  Its something about taking a bath in a hotel room or at someones home...I think of all the feet, butts, and pee that has been in that bath and I can't do it.  So last night I took my sugar cubes and enjoyed a nice long hot bath.  I have tried so many products to make the bath water smell fragrant.  I have finally found one that it perfect.  It's called Sugar Cubes...it makes the bath water smell sweet and has moisture pearls.  I can't wait till my next bath :) 

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