Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A gift card for a rainy day

I saved my gift card I got during Christmas for a rainy day, 2 of the items I purchased were on sale! I am the biggest bargain shopper you will ever meet. I can't help myself, I have been trying to get better and have, but I still pinch pennies. I am slowly learning that you get what you pay for.

I love buying things's something to do with having a package waiting on your doorstep when you get home. I love that!

Here is what I got:

Sea Urchin Bud Vases (for my bathroom)

Tripoli Server (I love the 3 tiered look, you can stick fruit, candy, etc...)

Asparagus Plate (we eat asparagus at least once a week)

and last but not least a Cupcake Tree ( I will be making fake cupcakes for display in my kitchen and when I have company I will replace them with real ones) Martha Stewart a couple of months ago made fake desserts for display, this will be my weekend project! :)

I feel better now! I'm no longer a crabie pattie! :)

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