Monday, May 26, 2008

Chocolate with Champagne and Tuna Steaks

There is nothing like sipping a cold glass of champagne on a hot summer day.  Kendra and I set outside yesterday looking out at the bay watching champagne bubbles and nibbling on warm chocolate, we loved it.  I never knew how champagne paired with chocolate but if you haven't tried it, its amazing.  It's better then the pair, wine and cheese.  This was our view for the whole day, we got to watch fish jumping, people jet skiing, kids feeding seagulls, it was nice and much needed relaxation.  

We got to the docks at 8 last night, the boys didn't weigh a fish in yesterday, but I did get to see this 500 pound tuna.  It took the angler 14 hours to pull it in.  Could you imagine fighting a fish for 14 hours straight...I barely can pull in a fish that takes 15 minutes let alone 14 hours.  This picture was taken while the angler was cleaning the tuna.

I bet this makes fabulous seared tuna steaks.  I was jealous I didn't have any to bring home and cook.  

Now I'm sitting in my chair with Bear and typing.  It will be a busy week at work.  Jim leaves AGAIN on Wednesday for yet another fishing trip!  I will be taking care of the mutts while he is out on the nice beautiful seas.  I will have to think of something fun to do.  I know yard work is in my future :( 

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