Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My BEAUTIFUL Baby Shower :) Thank You Tonya & Yvonne!

I was blown away by the time and effort Tonya and Yvonne put into my baby shower.  I was truly blown away.  Words can not describe how thankful and appreciative I am of this beautiful day.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU TONYA & YVONNE! 

I think Tonya needs to go into catering because look at this spread she created! 

I think it was so sweet she chose my favorite thing SEAFOOD :)

Look at these precious pink flamingo straws :)

Strawberry and Bananas soaked in orange juice kabobs

 Look at my Chanel cupcakes :) 

Look at these grapes rolled in cheese and nuts :) They were DELISH

 It was held in Yvonne's home and they did such a wonderful job at decorating.

Mom made a vignette with her and Bobbies gifts.  Bobbie gave me pink flamingo themed items! THANK YOU BOB! You've done so much and yet are so far away.  THANK YOU! 

and to MOM! Mom you have worked so hard and I'm so happy to have you in my life.  Baby girl is so lucky to have such a great grand mother!!! You will be the best YAYA EVER!

Memaw got the baby and I a beautiful diaper bag.  THANK YOU MEMAW! Baby girl is so lucky to have you!!  We will soon have 4 generations of women, you don't know how lucky and precious that is to me.

Mom made a diaper looks like a real cake in life.

Bobbies pink flamingo gifts

I got everyone nail polish for thank you gifts.

Yvonne's puff balls that she made

 Jim and I :)

Mom's masterpiece :) She got baby girl an antique doll :) You can't see but baby girl also got Sophie the Giraffe from YAYA aka MOM.

Mom also made cupcakes out of baby washcloths

When I thought it couldn't get any better they served more food! Grilled chicken kabobs, vegi's, and some delish rice.  They also had pulled pork sandwiches. 

 Cheesecake shooters

 We had a prayer release of balloons for the health of me and baby girl.

Here are the ONLY pictures of TONYA! I didn't even get one with Yvonne or her :( :( She is the beautiful blonde in the peacock dress :) 

They measured my belly and whoever guessed the closest measurement won a gift.  4 people got it EXACTLY RIGHT! 

Thank you to everyone that came! Thank you to Yvonne and Tonya for all the hard work you put into this.  It really was beautiful and I can't thank you enough! THANK YOU!

Love, Ryan

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Annabelle said...

Oh Ryan! You are truely blessed with great friends and family! I really love your ideas to use pink flamingos as a theme for your nursery!